Saturday, April 12, 2008

Barred cards - Peter's cheat sheet

Polaris update to come 8/2014

'X' in the PIN field
Verify the address and phone number.
Remove the 'X' and renew the privilege (using Alt-F11 or the Renew Privilege icon).

No 'X' in the PIN, but cannot use a computer
Check expiration date and deliquency status.
Renew the privilege as above if necessary.
If BARRED for fines, send to the desk to pay fine.
If not BARRED, but fines are above $25, send to the desk to pay down below $25.
If BARRED for Collections status, send to checkout. Accounts must be paid in full before computer access will be restored.

Address OK? field reads 'NO'
Update address and phone number.
Change BARRED to OK.
Change Address OK? field to 'YES.'
Delete any associated comments.

Email OK? field reads 'NO'
Update email address.
Change BARRED to OK.
Change Email OK? field to 'YES' or 'EMPTY' if no email address.
Delete any associated comments.
(If the patron wants to use more than one email address, separate them with a comma.)

Comment explaining BARRED reason
Review comment.
Contact associated staff person, if necessary.
If able to fix problem, delete comment and change BARRED to OK.
Refer customer to comment associated staff person, if necessary.

Other problems - computer cards changed to regular cards
When you switch a person's card from computer card to a regular (e.g. Adult) card, you must Renew Privilege (Alt F11) for the user, before they will be able to check items out, even if the date on their card appears fine. It's this glitch that is the reason why sometimes when we've turned a computer card into a regular card, they still get the message that no more charges are allowed. After you've renewed their privilege, you can remove the date if they're a Chandler resident.

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