Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finding newspaper articles

Some newspapers do not have full text available in our databases. Here's how to access some of the more frequently requested ones.

Chandler Arizonan
This historic paper is being scanned by the Chandler Museum and archived at Additional issues are on microfilm at the Downtown branch.

Arizona Republic
It's indexed online back to 1999, but you have to pay $3.95 per article to get the full text (day passes also available). The patron has a few options:
  1. Search the archives and buy the desired articles themselves.

  2. Use the online archives to identify the desired articles and find the date(s) they were published. Then go Downtown and view the microfilm. They have the Republic on film back to 1987, and a digital microfilm reader that will print ($.20/page) or save to a disk or flash drive.

  3. ***Check with Sue on the status of this option.*** If the patron is unable to do either of the above, we can at our discretion use Sue's credit card to purchase articles for them. Do this only for CPL cardholders.
Wall Street Journal
Not in any of the databases we currently subscribe to, but available to people who come through Google News or Digg:
  1. Identify the desired article (using MasterFile Premier, etc.)

  2. Go to, and enter the headline.
Here's an article with more detail (thanks for the link, Aaron!)
New York TimesNot in MasterFile, but available through Newspaper Source.

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