Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Arizona Driver Licenses

Arizona Driver Licenses will need to be updated by October 1, 2020 to meet new federal standards for identification. These Voluntary Travel IDs will act as both a driver license and as identification at airport security, federal buildings, and military facilities. (Drivers who do not need to use these facilities do not need to update their licenses.)

New identification requirements are also in place. See the list from ADOT for required documentation. The new licenses cost $25.

To update a current driver license, make an appointment at an MVD office by using ServiceArizona. (MVD office visits are by appointment only.) There is also a list of walk-in 3rd-party providers that can be used; a convenience fee may apply.

For new licenses or licenses that are up for renewal, visit any MVD office or 3rd-party provider. No appointment is needed.

For more information, see the AZDOT Voluntary Travel ID page.

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