Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where old computers go

From Deidre's email 10/22/10, and CityScope Jan 2012:

You might be getting questions from customers about where our old computers go (I have been!). According to Dan and Janet at Central Supply, the old computers are offered to the schools, then to local nonprofits and then whatever's left goes to auction. Office equipment, furniture, and vehicles are also auctioned.

Normally, auctions are held the first Saturday of the month. You can see the auction schedule on http://sierraauction.com/ Items can be viewed at Sierra Auctions, 3570 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, one day prior to the sale. For more info, call Central Supply at 480-782-2417.

And speaking of recycling old computers:

If a patron wants to know where they can donate/recycle their own computer, refer them to

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