Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Noncounty users

Some tips from George on how to verify which county a patron lives in:

Addresses in cities like Queen Creek, which can either be in Maricopa or Pinal counties, should be verified through either or mapquest. Once verified, please put a note in the customer's account to note that it has been verified.

To verify county through, go to "Find a ZIP code," enter the address, then on the result page click Mailing Industry Information to look up the county. Mapquest will show a map with the county borders.

Exceptions: If the patron works, goes to school, or otherwise does official business in Chandler, staff should assign them a NONCOUNTY (or PROB-NCNTY) profile. (They need to show a paystub, paperwork from their school, etc. as proof.) We should give them the correct profile (NONCOUNTY or PROB-NCNTY), allow the bill to accrue, then FORGIVE the privilege fee, with a comment on the account as to why the fee is waived. Next year, when the patron has to renew, they should prove again that they qualify for the waiver, or pay the automatically assessed fee.

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