Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Troubleshooting remote access to databases

From the Downtown Reference blog, some tips for troubleshooting problems patrons have when trying to access the databases remotely:

1) Ask if the patron can get to the database page and click a database. Do they get to the authentication screen? If one database doesn't work, have them check a different one.

2) Check the card number and PIN. (Note: new patrons no longer have to wait for the database to be updated. They will have immediate access.)

3) Ask the patron if they are logging on from work, and if their workplace firewall blocks port 2048. This port is required for remote access to our databases, so they would have to unblock it in their firewall.

4) If nothing else works, or if the patron never gets to the authenication screen, call Downtown and ask them to replicate the problem on their PC Reservation computer. (Deidre posted directions for them on how to do this.) This will help better identify the problem and Jeff can be notified if something needs to be fixed.

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