Saturday, November 5, 2011

Holds messages at checkout

Please note the following hold status in Polaris. If a patron wants to check out an item that has a hold, we can check it out if it has a status of Active or Pending. We cannot check out items with a status of HELD. This means the other patron has already been notified to pick up their hold.

Active—When a hold request is first placed it will have an Active status. The overnight job may change this to Pending if the item is on the shelf.

 Cancelled—Cancelled requests can be reactivated. They will automatically be deleted per a setting in System Administration.

Expired—If a hold is not satisfied within the specified period of time, the status automatically changes to expired.

 Held—An item has been trapped to fill the hold and has been placed on the hold shelf for pick up by the patron.

Inactive—Inactive holds have an activation date into the future. The future date has been set by a staff member in the staff client or the patron through the PAC.

Pending—This is the RTF (Request to Fill) list that needs to be printed out, items gathered and checked in to either capture the hold or put in transit for hold.

 Unclaimed—If the requesting patron does not pick up the held item within the specified period of time, the hold status will automatically changed to unclaimed. These items should be pulled from the hold shelf and checked in to either return them to the shelf, branch or shipped to fill another hold.

 Shipped—Is in the process of being shipped to another branch to satisfy a hold.

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