Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Computer use and library cards

From Sue's email 5/20/10 and updates 11/3/10, 12/30/10; 2/23/11 per Peter, 3/2/11 per George:

Guest passes

Guest passes are $2. Ring it up as Membership. A guest pass can be issued to anyone for $2 who requests one, including:
1) those who don't want to get a library card, or don't have proper ID to get a card,
2) those with blocked/barred cards who don't want to bring their account into good standing,
3) non-county residents who don't want to pay the $40 annual fee (although this may be more cost-effective),
4) those who forgot their cards and have no ID for us to look them up,
5) those who forgot their cards, have ID, but are past their 2 lookups (although buying a replacement card may be more cost-effective).

Guest passes are good for one day at one branch. (Downtown may send guests to other branches if they're unable to extend their time, and staff will initial and date the pass; the next branch will issue a new guest pass at no charge.) We must charge for an all-day guest pass even if the user only wants to use a computer for 10 minutes.

Special circumstances may call for waiving the guest pass fee, but these cases should be rare and should be shared with supervisors so that all staff handle these cases consistently. (The Remuda and Hazel House girls are another exception at Sunset.)


Computer cards: We can no longer issue computer cards to people who don't have current address; everyone must have ID and proof of current address to get a card. (Exceptions may be made for the homeless or others without verifiable address.)

Out-of-county residents must pay $40 to get a full library card. They may also get a computer card by request if they do not wish to check out, but this still costs $40 and requires ID.

$40 out-of-county cards can be issued to anyone living outside Maricopa County, whether in Pinal county or Dublin, Ireland.
Computer cards can be requested by patrons who do not want checkout privileges or want to prevent their child from checking out.

We will be strictly adhering to the 2 lookups when people don't have their library card. Their record needs to be noted when we do look them up and we need to remind patrons that they only have 2 chances, otherwise they can buy a new card or pay $2 for a guest pass. You can suggest that they put their card number in their phone if necessary, write it on a piece of paper and keep it on them but if they have 2 lookups and they don't have their card, they can't get on the computer.


Computer use and fines: Cards with $25 or more in fines, whether for lost materials (which get sent to collections) or overdues, will not be able to use the computers. The fines must be paid below $25. These cards may or may not be in BARRED status, so check the fines if someone can't get on the computer.

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