Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Computer Lab

From Sue's email, 2/6/12:

The Quiet Lab is open to adults who need a quiet place to work (far from the maddening crowd). The rules are: no talking, no cell phones, no group work. If people want to talk or work together, they need to sit in the commons area. I'm not ready to open it up to the teens just yet. I need some feedback about whether that's a good idea or not.

On kids in the lab, 9/12/12:

It's about keeping quiet. That said, how quiet can a toddler be? I'm guessing not very. Even under the best of circumstances (sleeping). So what age can a kid be expected to remain quiet? 10? 12? It's hard to pin point that exact age but probably not before they could be in the library unattended. The teens can even be in there if they can remain quiet.

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