Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New card tips

From Thuan's, Peter's, Dan's, and Sue's emails, updated 12/29/10:

***All patrons must have ID with proof of CURRENT ADDRESS to get a library card***
We can no longer issue computer cards to those without proof of current address. This includes YAs: they must either have a photo ID and something with their address on it, or a parent, to get a card (there may be exceptions for teens with schoolwork, the homeless or others without a verifiable address). Residents of shelters and halfway houses should provide paperwork showing their residence at that location.

Per Peter 7/10/12: "Customers are using online resources (SRP, APS, banks, etc) for proof of address more and more. If a customer shows you proof of address through their phone, laptop/tablet, in-house PC, accept it just as you would a paper proof of address." Basha also uses the Maricopa County Assessor's Office to verify residence of those who own property in the county; if there's a match on their name and address in the Assessor's database, it counts as a government document.

***All Maricopa County Residents must have a library card to use computers***
We can no longer issue computer cards to out-of-county residents; they must pay $40 for a full card.

Computer cards: users can request computer-only cards if they really don't want to check out items, if they don't want anyone else to check out items on their card in the event they lose it, if they don't want their child to check out items, etc. We will not normally have any reason to offer computer cards as an option.

Here are a few pointers when making new library cards:
  1. Check to see if patron already has card.
  2. On the General tab, choose Adult/Child/YA. The default user profile of PROBATION will update to Adult/Child/YA when staff changes Patron Code from Probation to Public.

  3. If the user is out of county, change the user profile to PROB-NONCOUNTY.

  4. Use the first 5 digits of the zip code.

  5. Expiration dates: Chandler ADULTS - Expiration date and address check date set to FIVE YEARS
        Chandler YA - Expiration date set to year of 18th birthday and address check set to year of 18th birthday
        Chandler CHILD - Expiration set to year of 13th birthday and address check set to year of 13th birthday
        NON-Chandler residents: Expiration and address check set to ONE YEAR

  6. Use CAPS except for their email address.

  7. Use - (dash) for their phone numbers, not . (dot) or , (commas).
  8. Birthdate: Please remember to ask for ID when renewing cards in order to get the birth date for updating patron records. I noticed a new card created 8/14/14 with a DOB of 1/1/1900 - this should not have to happen as any new card should be created with the person's ID in hand. Thanks.
For P.O. boxes or alternate mailing addresses:
We now require proof of physical address (electric bill showing service address, voter card, lease agreement, etc.) A photo ID with only the P.O. box is not sufficient. (Explain to patrons that budget issues require us to determine residency and where their taxes are paid - we don't get reciprocal money from PO boxes.)
  1. Enter the P.O. or mailing address as Primary. USPS or private P.O. boxes (UPS Store, etc.) are both acceptable. Enter the physical address as Home.

  2. Chandler residents only can request that we do not record their physical address in the database, and only in extreme circumstances (witness protection, they are a police officer, etc).
  3. Gila River Indian Community residents can get a card with only a P.O. box, as they do not have street mailing addresses. (Those living in Pinal County can also get a card for free.This includes Bapchule and Sacaton.)
Duplicate accounts:

If staff notice a duplicate patron account, please write down the name, library card numbers, and any other pertinent information and hand that off to Ezra for further inquiry. I believe that most staff do not have access to delete patron records, so please collect the info and let me know. Thanks.

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