Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saving files on public computers

How to answer the question: "I saved my document on computer #40. Where is it now?"

Three possibilities:

  1. If someone creates a document on our computer, the default save location (where it goes if they click Save without telling it otherwise) is D:\Files. You can get to it from the desktop with the Public Dropbox icon. Sometimes people create other folders in the Public Dropbox in which to save things.

    The Public Dropbox is supposed to be erased every night; however, the program that does this automatically may not be working. We have to periodically erase the Dropbox manually. So a patron might find their document again if they come back the next day, but they can't count on it.

  2. If someone opens an attachment from an email, it is saved in the Temp folder. The Temp folder is on the C: drive, which means we have no access to it. When patrons open email attachments, they should immediately save them to the D: drive (Public's Documents) so that they can access them again.

    The only way to access the Temp folder is to log in with an administrator's password. This means calling Jeff or Ron. If it's during business hours, they should be able to access the computer remotely and search for the file. Call Jeff or Ron, tell them which computer it is, and make sure no one's using that computer.

  3. If the patron saved their document to the desktop, and then the computer was restarted, the document was probably erased. Changes to the desktop are supposed to be erased when the computer reboots. If a patron might need their document after a restart, it should be saved to the Public Dropbox instead.

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